Child Custody

Saskatchewan Child Support is the right of the child. It is not your right, nor is it your spouse’s right. When you think about Child Support, you have to think about your child benefiting from it. If you feel like a large portion of child support is not being spent on your child, and mostly on your spouse, it may just be on the standards of living you both have contributed to.
If you, your spouse and child lived an extravagant lifestyle, then they are both entitled to the same even after the divorce. It is almost always underestimated how expensive to raise a child in Saskatchewan and Regina, and you need to ensure you are either paying or receiving the right child support amount. Saskatchewan Child support is a very complex area of law simply because children have so many different expenses, and both parents need to work together and earn enough money to support them. If a parent decides to not work or pay child support, he or she can face extreme consequences for that decision.


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