Builders & Developers Regina

Representing Builders & Developers

A.R.E. Law has passionately worked with many of Saskatchewan's most outstanding home, condominium and commercial developers. Our experienced lawyers have contributed to the growth of Regina's residential and commercial communities with an approachable, reliable and efficient attitude.
For both residential and condominium builders and developers, our team can help with the
procuring of vacant land and land assembly. We also specialize in helping you find financing and
transaction options such as:
-Land purchase financing
-Construction financing
-Serving as a trustee for purchaser deposits
-Drafting new property purchase and sale agreements
-Conveyance of lots to new home purchasers (closing transactions)

We can also help developers with title and investor documents, for instance:
-Land Title Conversion in pursuance of The Land Titles Act, 2000 in preparation for a plan of
Subdivision or condominium plan
-Files to be registered on title by following municipal/provincial and regulatory requirements.
-Assembling co-tenancy and joint venture agreements amongst investors
-Drafting of condominium organizing documents.

A.R.E Law also offers unique services in support of commercial development, including:
-Drafting customized agreements of purchase/sale and lease agreements
-Reviewing offers of a lease, tenant proposals, and assistance with tenant negotiation
-Preparing and examining tenant estoppels
-Reviewing and giving opinions on existing leases

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