Landlords & Commercial Tenants Regina

Landlords & Commercial Tenants Lawyer

A.R.E. Law is the best choice for all landlord and commercial tenant legal needs. We protect the rights of both sides of disputes and understand the impact of all decisions and the efficiency needed to solve them promptly.

Representing Landlords

Our purpose is to aid clients in the Regina area with all forms of commercial leasing, including:
-The preparation of leases and other documents
-Helping clients complete standardized forms
-Examining your legal options if a tenant has breached agreements and pursuing legal action
against the other party per lease terms and laws.

We are also here to help landlords with collection and enforcement when a tenant is in arrears. The collection process can be complicated, which is why it is paramount you chose a law firm that can handle all circumstances to preserve your best interests.

Representing Commercial Tenants

A.R.E. Law also represents business owners in landlord-tenant conflicts. We strive to defend your rights as tenants to ensure your matter is handled appropriately per the law and according to the terms of your lease.

We will diligently review your situation to find the best course of action, protecting your rights in landlord and commercial tenant issues.

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