Court Applications and Estate Dispute Resolution Regina

Court Applications and Estate Dispute Resolution

There are times trust, and estate cases demand court intervention, even if they do not involve a dispute. Other matters may turn into a dispute and demand resolution through litigation or other means. If you are a beneficiary, estate representative, guardian, or another involved party, A.R.E. Law can help you through the legal system and act efficiently, strategically and cost-effectively as possible for your circumstances.

We have worked with clients involving both high-value and straightforward, complex estates throughout Regina and Saskatchewan.

Skilled Resolution of Contentious Disputes 

Whether you are proceeding or defending against a claim, our lawyers provide honest opinions and expert representation. Emotions can often cloud someone's judgment in estate disputes, and may risk permanent harm to delicate family relationships or may continue a case beyond the desired outcome. If you choose to proceed with a dispute, our lawyers are completely prepared to help you find a workable solution to querulous matters such as:
-Breach of fiduciary duty
-Executor compensation
-Disputes involving the management of an estate or trust variations
-Guardianship matters
-Estates involving cross-border or multijurisdictional issues
-Interpretation of a will
-Passing of accounts

Few matters go to trial and can often be resolved efficiently through skilled mediation. We are here to evaluate your case and present options, potential risks and benefits of each case. Reliable and experience, we give you the knowledge and perspectives you need to arrive at an informed decision.

Our lawyers can assess your case and present you with options on how to proceed. Contact us for your free, no-commitment consultation. 

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