Estate Planning in Regina

Estate Planning Regina

Arrangements concerning succession after death can be a difficult and often uncomfortable process. When one's estate is large and more complex, succession decisions become more daunting. A.R.E. Law can provide you with a comfortable place to consider such arrangements, and we'll help you find solutions that put you at ease and offer you peace of mind.  Our goal is to reach a thorough and detailed understanding of your needs and goals. Each situation is different, and our role as your attorney is not to make choices for you but to advise you of the best possible arrangements and help you arrive at your decision. We then assist you in weighing the benefits, risks and costs of each option.  With our professional understanding of planning complex estates and high-value assets, cross-border and multijurisdictional estate law matters, we stay ahead of the curve. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality and confidential advice to our clients and the Regina area.  We guarantee that you will have all the tools needed to optimize your lifetime planning and create a concrete estate plan. This frequently includes estate succession, the succession of assets, and planning for incapacity at any age. We can provide in-depth advice no matter what size or complexity of your situation or estate, such as:  -Cottage property succession -Establishing trusts -Providing for beneficiaries with special needs -Using life insurance policies in your estate plan -Minimizing tax and probate fees -Charitable planning -Power of attorney for personal care and financial interests  We hope to simplify your matters and for you to walk away with the confidence in knowing we have made a secure and knowledgeable estate plan that benefits you and your loved ones. With A.R.E law supporting you, you can be pleased that your wishes will be carried out in the most practical, realistic and cost-efficient way possible.  We are eager to meet with you, listen to your needs and explain how we can help. Contact us to set up your free, no-commitment consultation. 

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