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If you pass on without a will, all your assets are distributed based on the legislation in your province. This may require more time and legal fees that you wouldn't want to leave to your loved ones. To avoid this, appoint capable powers of attorney, executors and trustees for your estate. Be sure to appoint trusted guardians for your children if they are under the age of 18.
A.R.E. Law works with our clients and their financial advisers to create estate plans by preparing:● Wills● Power of attorney● Trusts, such as inter vivos, testamentary, spousal and family.● Estate freezes● Real estate and corporate insurance solutions● Disputes and challenges regarding documents● Guidance and advice when a loved one passes without a valid will
Estate management is crucial to guarantee that your wishes are upheld and protected, and you leave your loved ones with comfort and peace of mind. It involves precise preparation and a steady transition when it comes to navigating the administration of your estate.  In the event of a dispute, you and your family should be prepared. 
Things are more complicated today, with step-families, common-law relationships, business investments, dependents with disabilities, and recreational properties. Considering these when preparing estate management, we can assist with:    ● Drafting wills, powers of attorney. ● Assist trustees in the managing of an estate ● Dealing with legal disputes with an estate or will.  For more information on estate planning, contact us for a free, no-commitment consultation. Our knowledge and understanding attorneys can help. 

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