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The meaning of ARE Law: 

A.R.E. stands for Approachable, Reliable, Efficient. This is our commitment ofservice to you.
A. Approachable means that we will approach you in a warm and friendly way,while maintaining a professional environment. We invite your questions, we valueyour input, and we promise to treat you respectfully at all times.
B. Reliable means that you get what you are paying for. We operate primarily byquote, and we do our best to bill according to our quote. If it becomes clear thatadditional work will be needed, beyond that originally contracted for, we will clearthis with you, if possible, in advance.
c. Efficient means that we are committed to providing quality client service. Ourgoal is to handle your legal work quickly and with excellence. We value yourfeedback in terms of our efforts for continual quality improvement. Please let usknow what you like about our services, and where you would like to seeimprovements.


Ruth Pradzynski

Managing LawyerSpecializing in Real Estate Law, Estate Planning and Family Law

Ruth Pradzynski's journey in the legal profession began in 1977 when she graduated from the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan. This marked the start of her dedicated career in law, which has spanned over several decades, making her an experienced and well-respected figure in the legal community of her province.
Throughout her professional journey, Ruth has remained rooted in the province of Saskatchewan, where she has practiced law consistently. Her unwavering commitment to her clients and her dedication to the legal field have earned her a reputation as a trusted and reliable attorney.
In 2005, Ruth took a significant step in her career by founding A.R.E. Law. This law firm has become a respected institution in Saskatchewan, known for its expertise in various legal areas. Ruth has chosen to focus her practice on the areas of Real Estate, Wills, and Uncontested Family Law, showcasing her versatility and commitment to helping individuals and families navigate important legal matters.

Beyond her legal career, Ruth Pradzynski has a rich personal life. She is a loving and devoted wife and mother, with three adult children who have likely inherited her strong work ethic and dedication. Furthermore, Ruth is a proud grandmother to eight grandchildren, demonstrating her love and commitment to her family.

In addition to her legal and family commitments, Ruth has pursued her passion for writing. She has channeled her creativity into crafting novels, and in 2021, she had ambitious plans to publish seven novels as part of the "Cozy Home to Sherwood" series. This creative endeavor showcases her multifaceted talents and her ability to balance a thriving legal career with a fulfilling creative pursuit.

Ruth Pradzynski's life story is one of accomplishment, dedication, and a strong commitment to both her profession and her loved ones. Her contributions to the legal field in Saskatchewan and her creative endeavors as a novelist have left a lasting impact on her community and the broader world, making her a remarkable individual with a unique and inspiring story.