Assaulting a Peace Officer Offence Regina

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Assaulting a Peace Officer Offence 

Assaulting a Peace Officer Offence in Regina or Saskatchewan

To be considered guilty of this offence, it must be shown first that you committed an assault by:
-Direct or indirect force on someone that is intentional
-Done without the consent of the victim
The Crown must then prove that the victim was a “peace officer,” and that you were aware the person was a peace officer.

Peace Officer Definition
A “peace officer” is not limited to uniformed members of the CPS, RCMP, or EPS. Instead, the definition includes the following classes of people who are most commonly the subject of “assaulting a peace officer” charges:
-A police officer or anyone else who is employed to preserve and maintain the public peace
-A traffic sheriff
-A guard in jail, or any other permanent employee of a jail
-A member of the Canadian Forces
-The pilot of an aircraft
-A mayor, warden, reeve, or justice of the peace

Assaulting a peace officer can involve a combination of the following consequences:
-Up to 5 years incarceration
-Up to 3 years of probation
-A sample of your DNA deposited in the Canadian DNA Databank
-An order forbidding you from owning any weapons for up to ten years.