Breach Charge Regina

Breach Charge 

There are three main types of breaches that you may be charged with, in Saskatchewan:
-Breach of Recognizance or Undertaking
-Breach of Probation
-Breach of Conditional Sentence Order

Each type of breach is different and has very different consequences. It is, therefore, important to accurately identify the type of breach alleged. A.R.E. Law can help determine which breach you were charged with, and help you find a more reasonable outcome for your case.

Judges do not take alleged breaches of a court order made by one of their fellow judges lightly. This seriousness is proven at all stages of your criminal case. Our criminal defence lawyers at A.R.E. Law have the skills to help you defend against an allegation against you.

The most common breaches we deal with are:
-No communication with victims or witness' involved in your case;
-No to possession or consumption of alcohol or drugs;
-Not possess any weapons;
-Being out past Curfew;
-Not leave the Province of Saskatchewan;
-Not attend a particular residence or city;
-Failure to attend for fingerprints;
-Failure to appear for court;
-Fail to attend to a probation officer;
-Fail to take treatment or counselling under a probation order; and

A.R.E. Law will amend these conditions to allow exceptions, narrow it down, make it more flexible, or have it deleted altogether depending on your situation. You will require an experienced and knowledgable attorney on your side.
If you are found guilty after a trial or wish to plead guilty, our goal is to arrange a guilty plea for a non-criminal offence or negotiate for an out-of-court resolution for your charges.

If you are experiencing a court order that is causing you excessive hardship, contact us at A.R.E. Law. We are here to help you.

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