Dangerous Driving Regina

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Dangerous Driving

The Crown must prove the following factors to convict anyone of dangerous driving:
-You drove a motor vehicle
-Hoe you drove said the motor vehicle was hazardous and dangerous to the general public
-The Judge will consider the use of the place where you were driving
-The amount of traffic that was present or might have reasonably been present at the time of driving
-That your state of mind more careless than a reasonable person’s mind would have been at the time

It is also essential to consider the following points:
-Just because there was a severe accident that caused property damage or injury to others does not mean that you drove dangerously
-You can still be found guilty of dangerous driving even if no one was injured and nothing was damaged.
-The focus is on the way you drove and your mindset

If you believe proceeding with sentencing is the best option, A.R.E. Law will tailor our argument to the court to ensure that all your positive qualities are before the Judge, so that they may pass a proper and unbiased sentence.