Drug Possession for Trafficking Purposes Regina

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Drug Possession for Trafficking Offences

The Charge
The Crown must prove that you possessed a specific substance and that you had intent to traffic it. To support this claim, the Judge may consider the following:
-Is the amount of drugs found so significant that it is inconsistent with personal use?
-Is the substance of high quality?
-Is the substance worth a lot?
-Is it packaged consistent with trafficking (small quantities of similar amount)?
-Were the substances found with other items regularly used to traffic drugs (scales, baggies, twist ties, score sheet, etc.)
-Was a large amount of money found with the drugs?
-Was a “score sheet” found?

A.R.E. Law assesses the conduct of the police, after receiving your side of what happened. We will compare it with the police reports and notes of the incident. Ensuring you get the maximum benefit of your case, we will identify any breaches. In some instances, the prosecutor may choose to drop the charges outright or agree to a less severe charge.

In addition to any breaches of your rights, we will examine all angles of the case to determine whether or not your case can be disproven.