Drug Trafficking Offence Regina

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Drug Trafficking Offence

“Trafficking” is an extensive term defining offences under the CDSA. Its legal definition includes the following activities:

The fact that the substance in question is a drug does not need to be proven by the Crown. If you hold out or give reason to believe the substance is a drug or drug-related, that is enough to convict you. Also, proof does not need to be presented that you made a profit from the act. Giving a controlled substance away for free is also considered trafficking.

Your sentence will be determined, should you be considered guilty, in large part by:
-What type of substance you were found guilty of trafficking;
-The number of substances that had been trafficked;
-The number of drug deals you were involved in;
-Whether you dealt the drugs
-Who you sold the drugs to.

You could get a LIFE SENTENCE if you trafficked the following substances:
-Marijuana or Cannabis resin (hashish) in an amount over 3 kilograms