Mischief Charge Regina

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Mischief Charge

"Mischief" is any tampering with the property of another individual. There are two offences related to mischief, such as cases where the alleged damage caused is over $5000 and under $5000.

Mischief can be committed in several ways:
-By destroying property
-By altering property to make it useless or dangerous
-By obstructing or interfering with those trying to use or enjoy that property

These acts must be done deliberately. An individual who unwittingly backs their vehicle over another person's bicycle in a driveway would not be guilty of mischief, though the property was destroyed.

Damaging a church, mosque or other places of worship is treated extremely seriously and can result in jail time of up to 10 years. Contact A.R.E. Law immediately if it is alleged that you have vandalized a place of worship.

Mischief under $5000: The highest possible jail time is two years, and fines and probation can accompany this.
Also, the Judge will almost always order you pay the victim back for damages you have caused.
Mischief over $5000: This can lead to a period of incarceration of a maximum of ten years.

Depending on your case and your previous criminal history, a wide range of options for resolution without trial may be available, including:
-out-of-court resolution
-pleading guilty but avoiding a criminal record
-community service.
A.R.E. law knows the specific steps that must be taken to ensure the best result for your case.