Possession of Stolen Property Offence Regina

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Possession of Stolen Property

Possession of Stolen Property Offence in Regina

Possession of Stolen Property (PSP) or “Possession of Property Obtained by Crime” is broken into two categories:
-Possession of property with value is more than $5000.
-Possession of property with value is under $5000.

The possession of the stolen property is property:
-That is obtained by the commission of a crime in Canada
-The person possessing the property must be aware that the commission of that crime obtained it

The term “possession” is inclusive and can be proven in many ways. It is not limited to haven an item on your person physically. The legal definition of possession includes:
-Knowingly keeping the property in possession of another person
-Knowingly and consenting to any person having it in their possession
-Deliberately keeping the property in a particular place for the use or benefit of yourself or others

Anyone found guilty of possession of a stolen property has the possibility of jail time. The punishment often goes beyond jail, probation, or fines. A conviction for this offence can carry a reputation that you are a dishonest person who cannot be trusted, and make it very difficult to obtain or keep a job in an area where you are required to handle money or valuable property.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, A.R.E. Law may be able to secure one of the following resolutions:
-out-of-court diversion
-a plea for a lesser charge
-an order allowing you to serve any jail sentence you receive in your own home.