Public Mischief Offences Regina

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Public Mischief Offences 

In general terms, “public mischief” is causing law enforcement to embark on an investigation by knowingly providing false information.

There are four public mischief offences recognized by the Criminal Code:
-Making a false statement that you accuse another person of committing a crime
-Doing anything with the intent that another will be wrongly suspected of having committed a crime, or intended to divert suspicion from yourself
-Falsely claiming that a crime was committed
-Falsely reporting your death or someone else’s death

This offence is also intended to impede people from making false accusations against those who are innocent as leverage in other proceedings. One example would be in a divorce; one partner falsely accuses the other of sexual assault or child abuse in hopes of gaining an advantage in divorce or family court proceedings.

Based on your individual case and your circumstances, we may be able to negotiate a plea bargain to a non-criminal charge. Contact A.R.E. Law to speak with one of our knowledgable lawyers to discuss your options.