Theft & Fraud Offences Regina

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Theft & Fraud

 Unlawfully procuring property with a legitimate claim or belief is considered "Theft". Being convicted of theft, however small or large, the amount can have a very negative impact on your life. Theft is often referred to as a "crime of dishonesty" and a conviction will affect your reputation in your community.

Frauds are divided into two categories with the property involved of more than $5000 and less than $5000

Common examples of fraud include:
-An individual using another person's credit card to purchase goods without their knowledge or consent
-An employee submitting false timesheets
-The manager of altering documents to show higher profits, to collect a higher performance bonus

Variations of this offence include but are not limited to charges of Possession of Stolen Property and Uttering Forged Document. If you are charged with theft/fraud, it is imperative to receive legal advice before proceeding.