Traffic Offences & Violations

Traffic Offences and Traffic Violations

Traffic OffenceAt A.R.E. Law, we appreciate that your licence is essential to you and way of life. A disqualification, or penalty points, can have a considerable impact on you, your family and your job.
We offer knowledgable legal advice, information and representation for a range of motoring offences, including D.U.I. Charges, reckless driving, speeding tickets, distracted driving charges, and driving while suspended.Sometimes considered trivial, offences (i.e. speeding) are reluctantly accepted as fixed penalties. However, many cases are incredibly complex for authorities to prove. We can provide expert advice that may save your driving licence. You must be represented by a solicitor when being charged with any road traffic-related offences. We will achieve everything in our power to significantly increase the likelihood you will not face a driving disqualification and, if you plead guilty, minimize any driving penalties you incur.
At A.R.E. Law, we can represent you in several driving offence cases, including:
-Speeding-D.U.I. -Distracted driving-Being drunk in charge of a vehicle-Failure to provide a breath or urine sample-Reckless and Dangerous driving-Failure to stop and report an accident-Driving without insurance

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