Uttering Threats Offence Regina

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Uttering Threats Offence  

You may be charged with uttering threats in Saskatchewan if you threaten to:
-Kill or seriously injure any person
-Destroy, damage or burn someone's property
-Kill, hurt, or poison an animal that belongs to another person

To be found guilty, you do not need to make these threats directly to the person targeted. If you tell person A that you want to kill person B, there is still a chance you can be found guilty. Even if the person to whom the threat is made does not take that threat seriously, you can still be found guilty.

It is prevalent that threats are made through voicemail messages, text messages, mail, email, or other electronic means, in which case, there is a better record of what was said. In this type of situation, however, our criminal defence lawyers can still mount a successful defence by challenging the Crown's ability to prove that you created those texts, or those emails, etc.

A.R.E. Law not only tries to resolve their criminal charges but also get their property, like firearms, returned to them. On the other hand, we have, in many cases, successfully negotiated the surrender of the guns (or agreed to a voluntary firearms ban) in exchange for a resolution to the charges without a criminal record.