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Violent Crimes & Offences

The critical factor all violent offences under this category have in common is that they deal with alleged assaults between people and always involves some violence or harm caused or intended by one individual to another. A substantial proportion of all violence offences involves domestic violence.

Domestic Violence
Not an offence itself, Domestic Violence an incident of violence between family members or partners. The most common we see is one in which a man is charged with assault or is threatening a girlfriend or wife. Although this may sound like a stereotype, it is often the reality for many Canadians.

The seriousness of the offence increases whenever it is alleged in a domestic context. A threat often is taken more lightly when made against a stranger than the same threat against a spouse, because when violence occurs in a relationship, the violence is a breach of that trust relationship. If the alleged abuse happened against a child, the seriousness of the charge increases dramatically.

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