Cohabitation Agreement Regina

Your Trusted Guide to Cohabitation Agreements

As you approach the journey of cohabitation, it's essential to establish a strong foundation for your shared life. A.R.E. Law can help you develop a plan whether if you're moving in together for the first time or navigating changes in your living arrangement, we are here to help you create a clear roadmap for your shared future.
Writing a comprehensive cohabitation agreement involves addressing various key elements to ensure clarity, fairness, and legal soundness.
We can help define: 
- Property ownership- Financial clarity- Future scenarios- Debt allocation- Special circumstances. 
A.R.E Law professionals will help you navigate dispute resolution, child-related matters, make expert recommendations when it might be necessary to include counseling, mediation, legal review, and update procedures. 
Trust in our expertise and commitment to client satisfaction. Experience a personalized approach that caters to your specific needs. Contact us today for your consultation. 


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