Separation Agreement Regina

Asset Division in Separation

Debt and Asset Division

At A.R.E Law we are experienced in preparing separation agreements. This is a legally binding document designed to outline the terms and conditions agreed upon by a couple deciding on separate living arrangements. This comprehensive agreement covers various aspects of the separation, addressing critical issues to provide clarity and avoid potential conflicts. 
Here are some of the key components to consider in when planning a separation agreement:
● Division of assets ● Child Custody● Child Support● Spousal Support ● Healthcare and Insurance● Division of Retirement Assets● Living Arrangements. 

Separation Leading to Divorce

At A.R.E., Law our separation agreements are professionally curated to be legally sound and enforceable. Saskatchewan legislation requires each party to seek independent legal counsel before signing to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their individual rights and responsibilities. The terms outlined in our separation agreements can seamlessly integrate into a formal divorce decree should the couple decide to pursue divorce proceedings in the future.


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