Authorization to Return

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Authorization to Return

When a removal order from Canada is extended, you may require an Authorization to Return to Canada(A.R.C.) if you wish to return in the future.
Upon receiving a Departure Order, you left Canada within the mandatory 30 days and confirmed your exit with an immigration officer; you may not require an A.R.C. You may return to Canada subject to regular examination at the port of entry.

Note that if you departed Canada without verifying with an immigration officer, or 30 days or more have passed after the order was issued, the Departure Order becomes a Deportation Order. You will require an A.R.C. for re-entry.
When an Exclusion Order was issues and 12 months have passed since your departure from Canada and have a Certificate of Departure showing the date you left Canada, you may not need and A.R.C.

You NEED an A.R.C. if you are returning to Canada less than 12 months issue of the Exclusion Order or do possess a Certificate of Departure.

Deportation Order
When subjected to a Deportation Order, you are required to apply for an A.R.C.
If you were deported because of criminal charges, you need to apply for criminal rehabilitation first. In addition to the A.R.C., you may require a Temporary Resident Permit, and other documents to re-enter Canada. Contact A.R.E. Law for further instructions on this. We are here to help.