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Real Estate Purchase

Transactions in real estate require a professional eye to detail, planning, and speed. At A.R.E. Law, we will make the process trouble-free by familiarizing you with the process of buying/selling your home. Our Saskatchewan based lawyers will work to guarantee that you get what you bargained for so that you can relax knowing your home buying needs are met. We are upfront with our prices, so there are no surprises! 

Our Role as Your Real Estate Lawyer 

As your real estate attorney, our responsibility is to coordinate your transaction to secure a successful closing. Our objective is to provide you with the following services for your investment: 
● Review your Agreement of Purchase and Sale so that you understand your rights, obligations and any special arrangements. ● Give you a cost estimate for your closing. ● Review any existing surveys with you or to acquire a new survey from your building company to confirm the lot size and construction location. ● Advise you of any broad house, residential, commercial or fire insurance coverage and arranging title insurance to safeguard your ownership interests for your home ● Conducting a title search to ensure that the vendor is selling you proper ownership rights and that no other party has a registered claim to avoid adversely affecting your investment. ● Examining your estopped certificate for condos, if applicable ● Processing your mortgage lender’s requirements and conditions so that you can receive the funds for closing. ● Secure a tax certificate from the City of Regina to verify that the property tax account is clear. ● Ensuring there are no utility account arrears that will affect your ownership interest. ● Resolving any title defects. ● Prepare all closing documents and to educate you, so you know what you are signing. ● Advising you of the exact closing costs. ● Registering your deed to the land and mortgage, if applicable. ● Providing you with a full report of the transaction. 


10 Steps for Processing a Purchase of a Residential Property

At A.R.E. Law, we guide you through a seamless journey of purchasing your dream residential property. Here are the 10 essential steps in processing your purchase:
● Intake Form & Creating Files: Begin your journey by completing our intake form. This vital step initiates the process and ensures we have the necessary information to proceed. Our team establishes dedicated files for your transaction, organizing key details and documents that will be essential throughout the process.● Process Information: We meticulously process the information provided, ensuring accuracy and completeness as we move forward with your property acquisition.● Search and Gather Property Data: Our experts conduct thorough searches and gather essential property data to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the residential property you're eyeing.● Request Payout Statements: We take the initiative to request payout statements from all financial agents involved, facilitating a smooth transition in the purchase process.● Third-Party Processing Information: Engaging with third-party entities, we streamline the processing of information to ensure a cohesive and efficient experience for you.● Prepare Transfer Documents: As your purchase progresses, we diligently prepare transfer documents and any other necessary paperwork to facilitate a swift and secure transfer of ownership.● Sign Documents and Request Closing Funds: Collaborate with us to sign the required documents and, if needed, provide closing funds. We ensure transparency and clarity at every step.● Closing/Transaction Day: The big day arrives! We oversee the closing, ensuring the smooth exchange of keys and the timely payment of all vendors involved in the transaction.● Final Reports and Discharge: Following the closing, we compile final reports, submit them to the appropriate channels, and work towards receiving discharge from the bank within 1-3 months.● Send Final Reporting Letter: As we wrap up your file, we send a comprehensive final reporting letter to all relevant parties - the vendor, lawyer, and, most importantly, you, our valued client.
At A.R.E. Law, we pride ourselves on delivering a transparent, efficient, and customer-centric residential property purchase experience. Your dream home is just steps away!

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