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Refinancing a Home

Refinancing a current home is an approach you may use to take advantage of changes in interest rates, reduce monthly cash flow requirements, or unlock some of the equity in your home. Many legal and financial milestones can be a direct result of refinancing, even if your property is not changing hands. Our experienced Regina real estate lawyers will ensure your refinancing is completed quickly and efficiently.  Saskatchewan's A.R.E. Law specializes in all aspects of estate transactions to refinance your property. Our goal is to help you refinance smoothly & efficiently: 
● No-surprise pricing. We provide estimates so there are no hidden costs to you ● No-charge conversations. We keep communication lines open, and our fixed pricing means we don't charge for each phone call or meeting you and one of our experienced staff members have. ● Information and education. Refinancing can be daunting, but we will take you step-by-step and help you understand the process. We will help you with the essential steps and details that must be attended to promptly. All we need is for you to prepare particular documents to proceed with the refinancing. ● Exceptional and professional client services. Our staff members are trained in all manners of real estate transactions, and we will address all questions or concerns you may have. 
With Decades of experience, A.R.E Law offers you peace of mind and guarantees everything is taken care of efficiently and accurately.


10 Steps for Processing a Refinance of a Residential Property

At A.R.E. Law, we are here to guide you through the seamless process of refinancing your residential property. Here are the 10 essential steps in processing your refinance:
● Intake Form & Creating Files: Begin by completing our intake form, initiating the refinancing process and providing us with the initial details we need. We establish dedicated files for your refinance, organizing critical information and documents essential for a smooth and efficient refinancing experience.● Process Information: Our team meticulously processes the provided information, ensuring accuracy and completeness to move your refinance forward seamlessly.● Search and Gather Property Data: We conduct thorough searches and gather essential property data to present a comprehensive package for your refinancing needs.● Requesting Payout Statements: We take the lead in requesting payout statements from all financial agents involved, ensuring transparency and efficiency throughout the refinancing process.● Third-Party Processing Information: Engaging with third-party entities, we streamline the processing of information to ensure a cohesive and efficient experience in your refinancing journey.● Prepare Transfer Documents: As your refinance progresses, we diligently prepare transfer documents and other necessary paperwork to facilitate a smooth transition in ownership.● Sign Documents and Request Closing Funds: Collaborate with us to sign the required documents and, if needed, provide closing funds. We ensure transparency and clarity at every step of the refinancing process.● Closing/Transaction Day: Experience the finalization of your refinance on the closing day. We oversee the process, ensuring the smooth exchange of keys and timely payments to all vendors involved.● Closing of File and Final Reports: Efficiently close the file as the refinance concludes, compiling final reports to wrap up the process seamlessly.● Send Reporting Letter: Post-closing, we send a detailed reporting letter to all relevant parties, including your lawyer and others, ensuring everyone is informed and satisfied.
At A.R.E. Law, we are committed to delivering a transparent, efficient, and customer-focused residential property refinance experience. Your journey to a successful refinance starts here!

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