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Whether it's a home, condo, rural property, or any other kind of commercial or residential real estate in the Regina or Saskatchewan area, the main focus for your property sale is to close the deal and receive your sale earnings in a quick and efficient manner.  When selling your property, there is a lot to consider and learn in the process. To determine your asking price, learning the actual market value is a fundamental first step. 
Other significant decisions to make early on include: ● Selecting a real estate lawyer to assist with your sale● Developing an offer for sale ● Negotiating appropriate terms with buyers lawyer ● Getting A.R.E Law to accept payment for your sale on appropriate trust conditions
Communication with both your real estate broker and your lawyer is essential. Both professionals will assist you with all processes by consulting with you, negotiating for you, and protecting your rights as property seller. Each experience and transaction is unique. It's your right to have people on your side to ensure that your individual needs are met and your rights are guaranteed. When receiving an offer on your properties, always ensure that you have an experienced real estate lawyer to review your documents before accepting the offer. With our advice, you can make knowledgeable decisions about how to proceed, by signing your acceptance, building a counter-offer or sign-back. Our lawyers may suggest available revisions that could be to your benefit or point out clauses in the documents that might pose a risk of hidden expenses to you. 


10 Steps for Processing a Sale of a Residential Property

At A.R.E. Law, we are here to simplify the journey of selling your residential property. Here are the 10 essential steps in processing your sale:
● Intake Form & Creating Files: Kickstart the selling process by completing our intake form, which provides us with the initial details we need to initiate the transaction. We establish dedicated files for your sale, organizing crucial information and documents essential for a smooth selling experience.● Process Information: Our team diligently processes the provided information, ensuring accuracy and completeness to propel your property sale forward.● Search and Gather Property Data: We conduct thorough searches and gather vital property data to present a comprehensive and compelling package to potential buyers.● Requesting Payout Statements: We take the lead in requesting payout statements from all financial agents involved, facilitating a transparent and efficient sale process.● Third-Party Processing Information: Engaging with third-party entities, we streamline the processing of information to ensure a cohesive and efficient experience throughout the sale.● Prepare Transfer Documents: As your property sale progresses, we diligently prepare transfer documents and other necessary paperwork to facilitate a smooth change of ownership.● Sign Documents and Request Closing Funds: Collaborate with us to sign the required documents and, if needed, provide closing funds. We ensure transparency and clarity throughout the process.● Closing/Transaction Day: Experience the culmination of your sale on the closing day. We oversee the process, ensuring the smooth exchange of keys and timely payments to all vendors involved.● Closing of File and Final Reports: As the transaction concludes, we efficiently close the file and compile final reports to wrap up the sale seamlessly.● Send Reporting Letter: Post-closing, we send a detailed reporting letter to all relevant parties, including your lawyer and others, ensuring everyone is informed and satisfied.
At A.R.E. Law, we are committed to delivering a transparent, efficient, and customer-focused residential property sale experience. Your successful property sale journey begins here!

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