Healthcare Directive Regina

Empowering Your Healthcare Choices

A Health Care Directive is a crucial legal document that empowers individuals to convey their healthcare preferences when they are unable to communicate. At A.R.E. Law, we provide essential insights into crafting this directive in accordance with Saskatchewan regulations.
The directive allows you to appoint a surrogate decision-maker, ensuring your healthcare choices align with your values. It encompasses critical decisions related to:● CPR● Life support● Assisted death● Organ donations
A health care directive can also address various medical scenarios, such as:● Diagnostic testing● Blood transfusions● Surgical procedures● Outlining provisions for palliative or comfort measures
This legal document is exclusively for individuals to articulate their healthcare wishes while possessing decision-making capacity. No one else can create a directive on your behalf, and you cannot do so for someone else once they lose the ability to make decisions.
Creating a Health Care Directive is a straightforward process; any legally sound form or template is acceptable as long as you sign and date it. Consider having your directive or proxy form witnessed to enhance its legal standing. It's essential to note that witnesses cannot be your proxy or your proxy's spouse.
Maintaining the flexibility to change your mind is inherent in the process, provided you can still make your own decisions. At A.R.E. Law, we guide you through the nuances of creating a Health Care Directive, ensuring that your preferences are legally documented and respected during critical healthcare situations.

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