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Most criminal offences in association with drugs are charged under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. This law regulates what are known as ‘controlled drugs’ and is intended to prevent the non-medical use of certain drugs.
Drug offences
Criminal offences classified under the law include the following:1. Possession – you are knowingly in physical possession of a controlled substance without authorization. Possession is not limited to such situations, as it can also involve circumstances where drugs are being held by someone else. Any quantity of a controlled drug or substance, however small, can lead to criminal prosecution for possession
2. Possession with intent to supply – An offence for an individual to have in their possession, whether legally or not, a controlled drug or substance with the purpose to supply it to anyone who has no lawful right to possess it. All other evidence is considered, and quantity is not the only factor that differentiates between possession and possession with intent to supply. The evidence in these cases may often be circumstantial such as the possession of drug supply paraphernalia or phone evidence.
3. Supply – the act of handing over a controlled substance from one individual to another. There does not have to be any financial gain to be prosecuted for supplying drugs. The offence of supplying drugs could be on a large scale, but it could also be sharing drugs with friends. The sentence passed by the courts if an individual is convicted of supplying drugs will reflect the person’s role within the supply chain. 
4. Production/cultivation of controlled drugs – this can range from growing a small number of cannabis plants through to large scale commercial production
5. Importation/exportation – the importation or exportation of any controlled drug is prohibited unless it is done per the terms of a licence granted by the government. These offences will almost always result in a substantial custodial sentence although it will depend upon the quantity of drugs and the role of the individual
6. Permitting premises to be used for drug-related activities – responsibility for premises lies with any occupiers rather than the ownersSentences for drug offences can be severe. Please do not hesitate to contact A.R E Law immediately if you are charged. 

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